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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Liverpool or bust?

The former Archdruid of Wales is absolutely wrong to accuse Liverpudlians of intolerance towards minorities. Liverpool has a long-standing multi-ethnic community and, despite the views and actions of a very very small minority, is as welcoming as any other part of the Country to incomers.

It would be just too easy to compare the attitude of some Welsh language campaigners towards incomers with that exhibited by Liverpool. They do not want any non-Welsh people settling in North Wales, whereas Liverpool has a centuries-old tradition of welcoming people from all over the world.

Dr. Robyn Lewis is doing neither the Welsh language nor the Eisteddfod any favours by his outspoken intolerance. If the Eisteddfod does go to Liverpool in 2007 then I am sure that he will be welcome as well. Somehow, though, I suspect that his own prejudices will get in the way of such a short journey.
I agree with what you say, Robyn Lewis is ignorant and small minded.

But since when did you become an expert on Liverpool Peter?
Well I was born and brought up in the Wirral and I have family in Liverpool. I also have friends on Liverpool City Council.
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