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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogging on the front line

Blogging is in the news today, so much so that constant references to these items by bloggers such as myself is beginning to get incestuous. The Observer reports that ambulance staff, police, magistrates and other state employees are dealing with daily pressures by turning to blogging to describe their frustrations, and sometimes triumphs. They often disguise their identities to avoid giving offence or sparking libel proceedings.

Meanwhile The Independent reveals a distinctively lower-tech trend in the USA with the advent of 'freeway blogging'. This involves hanging banners with political epigrams off bridges so as to express an opinion, normally against the present Administration. Typically, this fad is being perpetuated and encouraged through internet sites giving instructions on the most effective way to get your message across. One such is the freeway blogger site. In Britain we have not yet got past the use of badly painted messages on sheets so as to embarrass friends and family on their latest birthday.
I disagree with the idea that Freeway Blogging is new - I believe only the title is new.

You may recal that for about a decade, a bridge over London's North Circular Road (or was it the M25?) was graffitied with the announcement that "M Khan is gay"...

...which was probably something he wanted to keep to himself.

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