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Friday, August 05, 2005

Blogging on air

It may simply be that we are into August and real news is scarce, but the existence of blogs is starting to permeate the consciousness of the mainstream media. This morning I was in the Swansea BBC studios at 7.15am to contribute to a piece on the growth of blogs. I shared the limelight with Peter Cox, a long-time blogger from Cardiff, who I had not been aware of before.

I was asked the inevitable question as to whether blogging was a bit risky for a politician, given the propensity for gaffs. As I tend to be fairly frank then I suppose the answer is yes, but as with everything if you are careful and aware of the implications of what you write then it should be no more risky than delivering an ad-lib speech to a public meeting, answering questions or producing an endless stream of press releases. There is too much control-freakery in politics, blogs are a refreshing change.

N.B. It was nice of David Cornock yesterday to acknowledge the contribution made by Leighton Andrews and myself to opening up the world of politics through our blogs. Neither of us were shortlisted for the New Statesman New Media Awards, largely because they were looking for innovation in the use of new technology. I think that both Leighton and I would agree that the quality and effectiveness of the site should be a deciding factor. There are few enough politicians using this medium properly as it is without setting impossible standards for us to meet.
Well said Peter. I agree that any politician who is gets into blogging is fully aware of the implications of any words they say or produce anywhere.

A political blogger is probably more careful in checking over their postings and blog before publication than many other bloggers for that very reason.
I would have liked to have said on air that anything that upsets spin doctors must by definition be a 'good thing'. So keep blogging.
I note the efficiency with which you got your's done, compared with my miserable 6 hours later! Well done.
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