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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Laying down the Law

Good grief! Peter Law MP AM is to set up yet another new political party. "People feel that they want to have the opportunity to vote for views traditionally held by Labour in public office," he said. Presumably these 'traditional' views include selecting Peter Law to fight elections and avoiding women-only short lists.

Why is it that politicians who quit their party over fundamental disagreements feel that it is necessary to set up another one in their own image? There was Robert Kilroy-Silk and Veritas, George Galloway and Respect, John Marek and Forward Wales and now Peter Law and whatever he decides to call his grouping. In many ways it is like a comfort blanket, there to offer assurance that they have done the right thing, but also a vehicle for their bid for World domination. It really is a small world!
Well, there are rumours going around that John Marek’s own party, Forward Wales, have deselected him from contesting Wrexham at the next Election!! Appaelntly, there have been disagreements over party political ideology!
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