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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Inside the Senedd

The House Committee had a tour of the new Assembly Chamber Building or Senedd last Wednesday evening. I have posted some pictures here and have attempted to remember where in the building they were taken but cannot guarantee complete accuracy.

In the picture above the party of AMs, officials and foremen explore the corridor and offices at the rear of the new chamber.

This is a very stark view from the space between the front of the Senedd and the harbour walls. As you can see the most distinct part of the new building is its roof.

I am sure that Jane Hutt, the Assembly Business Minister will not thank me for posting this picture, however it offers another perspective on the roof and how it dominates the landscape at the front of the building.

Janice Gregory and Lorraine Barrett in the public gallery above the main Chamber. The glass panels to the left of the photograph form a roof over the chamber.

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