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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In the Bay

I am spending today in my Cardiff Bay office catching up on correspondence and other work. I have not seen any other AMs yet, though no doubt there will be one or two here, and a lot of offices seem deserted and in darkness. The same is true of the journalists and TV studios.

I was shocked, following my earlier diatribe about the smoking room, to find that I can now smell the smoke on the third floor, two floors up via the high atrium by the entrance to the building. This is clearly a healh hazard that needs tackling sooner rather than later.

I had a casual conversation with a member of staff about this who told me that since the smoking room was removed from the Government's Cathays Park offices, a number of civil servants have taken to standing on the public highway to have a cigarette, much to the chagrin of other office workers. One enterprising individual even brought a deckchair.

I have no wish to impose this fate on the Cardiff Bay smokers. Some provision does need to be made for them but this should be outdoor shelters as is modern practice in many workplaces.
I've been spending the day swimming around in Cardiff Bay.
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