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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Under-dressed of Clwyd West

The Western Mail highlights a controversy that arose yesterday in Plenary, whether or not an Assembly Member needs to wear a tie in the chamber. This arose following a point of order as to whether it was alright for Culture Minister Alun Pugh to sit in the chamber with an open-neck shirt.

Lord Elis-Thomas decided that in warmer weather it was acceptable for AMs not to wear ties. However, he said his personal preference was for jackets and ties and he stressed he personally would not sit in the Chamber without a tie.

Whether or not Alun Pugh had failed to wear a tie because of the heat is open to debate. The chamber is in fact air-conditioned. Indeed I had been told earlier that day that the member for Clwyd West was walking around in a distinctive multi-coloured striped open-necked shirt because he could not find a tie to match it. This has never been something I have worried about.
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