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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tuesday afternoon fever

The moment of light relief in yesterday's Plenary came during a statement on the Welsh Assembly Government`s response to the Culture, Welsh Language and Sport Committee’s Report on the Contribution of Arts and Sports to Community Regeneration.

Alun Pugh, the Culture Minister, had arrived for the session dressed in a flared white pin stripe suit, brown shirt and brown tie. Up until the statement nobody had dared to mention it but then Welsh Liberal Democrats Culture Spokesperson, Eleanor Burnham, stepped into the breach:

Eleanor Burnham: Minister, I would first like to commend you on your Saturday Night Fever attire......

Alun Pugh: I do not know about Saturday Night Fever, but ‘Staying Alive’—in the health sense and in the wider cultural sense—is an important feature of Assembly Government policy.

Shortly afterwards the Monmouth AM and MP, David Davies, entered the chamber wearing a dinner jacket and bow tie. Suddenly we had moved from John Travolta to Fred Astaire and yet nobody even attempted to start the dancing.
i know you dislike comments that are off topic, but i hope you will indulge me this once.

i would like to know your thoughts about the revelation that two assembly members have been tested positive for drugs http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/4096562.stm

more over if this test is to be carried out by police at the road side - what assurances do we have that we, the general public, will receive such a sympathetic reception if we test positive from transfer from other sources e.g. banknotes
Why is it so clear that this is 'cross contamination' - and if false positives can really be produced easily and innocently what's the point of the machine? Seems like an expensive waste of money.
I have to be fair the results today do cast doubts on the reliability of the tests. More on this tomorrow.
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