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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pictures from Edinburgh

There is a danger that this blog could become a photo album of course but that is not the intention here. The Welsh Assembly's Education and Lifelong Learning Committee visited Edinburgh on Thursday and Friday this week to see for themselves what the Scottish Parliament was doing about children with special educational needs.

The top picture shows members of the Committee with some of our hosts at the bottom of the steps in the new Scottish Parliament building leading from the garden lobby to the chamber. This is a popular venue for TV interviews.

The second picture is the garden lobby itself and gives a good idea of the revolutionary architecture that has been applied to this building. All of us were impressed by it. We appeciate that it was expensive but it creates a context that gives everybody who enters it the clear understanding that they are in a National Parliament. We will have to see whether the Assembly's new building is able to do the same.

The Scottish Parliament chamber is equally as impressive and stylised. Each desk has the facility to plug in a laptop, a built-in speaker and voting apparatus as well as a lectern. The seats in the public gallery at the back of the photograph are designed so that when they are not occupied they form the silhouettes of people.

The final picture shows one of the Committee Rooms complete with tear-shaped built-in tables. The whole room is bright and airy with plenty of room for observers. A stark contrast to our present facilities in the Welsh Assembly.

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Start an Assembly photostream on Flickr, Peter, and get others to play along. That would be fun - and we could all stream all your pics onto our sites.
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