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Friday, June 17, 2005

Headline of the week

The headline of the week has to be this in the Independent yesterday - Fired: a human cannonball who would not fly. Alas, the story did not live up to its billing:

He is accustomed to hurtling through the air at 60mph in a daily death-defying act as a human cannonball. But the circus stuntman Todd Christian was without a job yesterday because of his fear of flying.

Christian, 26, said he fell out with his employers, Cottle & Austen circus, when they tried to send him to a special training camp in Brazil after he injured himself several times during the act. "I know it sounds silly because I'm a human cannonball, but I don't like long flights and if I'm on a plane for a long time I start to panic," he said.

Mr. Christian is now considering a claim for unfair dismissal as all his job has ever demanded in the past is short haul flights!
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