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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Greg who?

According to today's Wales on Sunday, former BBC chief, Greg Dyke, believes that the recent Dr. Who series spent too much time in Cardiff. Apparently, he thinks that BBC Wales were trying to save money and that the obsession with the Welsh capital belied the Doctor's status as a time traveller:

"Given that the Doctor is a time traveller able to go anywhere at any time, he did end up on Earth a disappointing number of times during the 13 episodes and, even worse, he kept turning up in Cardiff.

"Of course any connection with the fact that the series was made by BBC Wales, and that for the production team, Cardiff was a cheaper location is purely coincidental."

Greg Dyke, of course, lives in London. Any connection with that fact and his criticism of the Dr. Who series is entirely coincidental.

Personally, I was just relieved that Dr. Who was not filmed in a sand pit or quarry as it seemed to be when it was in the hands of a London-based production team. At least this last series featured real people with real lives even if some of the plots were a bit far-fetched. I thought Cardiff made for a very good location and was a very convincing stand-in for London. I also believe that the fact that the producers made use of Swansea and Newport for filming helped to spread the benefits around South Wales and that the Swansea Marina area was a magnificent location for one of the best episodes.

Greg Dyke needs to wake up to the fact that the world is not centred on London. The rest of Britain has something to offer as well and the recent series of Doctor Who demonstrated that magnificently.
Of the 13 episodes, 2 were set in Cardiff, 4 set in the future in space (albeit orbiting the earth), 1 was set in Utah in the near future, and 5 set in London.
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