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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Batman begins

Sitting in Edinburgh between meetings wth Scottish Government officials and visits to local schools, I feel a bit isolated from what is going on in Wales. I am told that there is speculation that Rhodri Morgan may have to resign because of the variable fees issue and the fact that he has lost his majority. Given that this gossip has come from some rather intemperate remarks by Peter Law I am inclined to dismiss it for the time being as general background noise, especially as he appears to have made up the bit about an opposition coalition. The media is apparently spinning it for all it is worth but then this is the sort of conflict that they thrive on anyway.

The most astonishing news of the day is that of the splinter group of Fathers4Justice being set up by Batman and Robin. Rumours that it is to be called 'Fathers in funny costumes 4 direct action' do not appear to be true on the grounds that it is not succinct enough, 'nutters in underpants' may be more appropriate.

The irony is that the real Fathers4Justice seem to have got somewhere with Cafcass and look close to actually securing a better deal for their membership. The fact that this will mean that opportunities to dress up and climb public buildings will now be much more limited is possibly why the break away group is being formed.
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As I am legally responsible for what appears on this blog I have removed the previous comment and reproduced below the two and a half paragraphs which I consider it is safe for me to publish. I have added my response after it:

"I think I detect in Law's comments (and in some of his recent behaviour) that his disapproval of Rhodri Morgan, while rigourously principled and based entirely on policy differences, might be tinged with a degree of personal dislike.

It occurs to me that, while Peter Law would never stoop so low as to bear a grudge - he is a man of principle - his feelings towards Rhodri may have been influenced by his sacking from the Cabinet......

Do you agree, Mr Black, that it would be a shame if Peter Law's principled stance in the Assembly, selflessly shunning the politics of personal advantage in order to safeguard the values of our people, were to descend into an unseemly feud with the First Minister?"

Posted by Baywatcher

Please do not stand on formalities on this blog - first name terms apply.

Peter Law undoubtedly has some very strong principles but it is my opinion that his personal feud with Rhodri Morgan has for a long time clouded his judgement.
Does leaving a party in order to get elected as an MP - and at the same time giving yourself the balance of power in an Assembly - count as shunning the politics of personal advantange? Just wondering :)
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