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Friday, May 13, 2005

Twitch of the thread

It now appears likely that Rhodri Morgan's lost majority in Cardiff Bay will be re-found following some very skilful mediation by the Welsh media.

Yesterday Peter Law was asked if there was any chance of him rejoining the Labour Party. He replied that he might consider doing so if there was an 'amnesty' for party members who backed him.

This morning Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain, told the BBC that the door back into the Labour party had not been shut to Mr Law if he votes with them in Cardiff Bay and Westminster. He added that there was no "witchhunt" against Mr Law or "vendetta" against his ex-Labour supporters.

"Let's just see how he behaves. He holds the Welsh Assembly Government Labour majority in his hands in the national assembly."

What is clear is that the ground is being prepared for a Ken Livingstone-style raprochment in Wales. Since his election as an MP, Peter Law has already voted with Labour once on a crucial amendment regarding mineral extraction. I suspect that he will be doing so again on a number of occasions. It may be only a matter of time before the prodigal son is welcomed back into the New Labour fold.
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