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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sting in the tail

I was handed a Tory leaflet from Swansea West yesterday that really got me thinking. Headed "Liberal Democrats tax sting", it had a picture of a scorpion and listed 40 mostly fictional new taxes, which they allege we plan to introduce. Those that are not fictional are revenue-neutral replacements for an existing tax, such as local income tax. The only tax rise proposed by the Liberal Democrats in this General Election is the 50% rate on incomes earned over £100,000.

Anyway, amongst the list was something called a "speed camera tax". This is the first I have ever heard of such a levy but it struck me that it might be remarkably popular. I am sure that motorists everywhere would sympathise with some form of tax on each speed camera erected. Perhaps if we were to invent a tax on wind farms as well then we may have an election-winning platform!

N.B. Before somebody takes this seriously, I am just being ironic.
Yes I saw this leaflet in Hartlepool,


a few people in LDYS thought I haven't heard of thease tax rises so quized a tory canvassing about them and they told them to go the the tory HQ and ask about them because he didn't have the details on him. So they did. At tory HQ they say I am very sorry but we are very busy at the moment can you come back tomorrow (which was the day after polling day). So we did, they where very annoyed that day because apparently they came 4th and a gaggle of Liberal Democrats quizzing them could not of helped, so they told us to sod off.
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