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Monday, May 16, 2005

A question of identity

Whilst Plaid Cymru struggle to find a role in British politics and their own identity, and whilst the Tories are caught up in their own leadership turmoil and the Liberal Democrats engrossed in a fundamental policy review, the Government plans to take advantage to fast track identity cards through the Houses of Parliament.

The Guardian this morning reports that Ministers privately believe they can overcome any renewed Labour rebellion over the legislation by relying on the backing or abstention of some Tory MPs to get it through its second reading vote within a fortnight. They have also made it clear that they will use the Parliament Act to force through the House of Lords their equally contentious plans for a new criminal offence of incitement to religious hatred.

We are back on the same battleground from before the election - a fundamentally illiberal and centralising Labour Government seeking to trample over people's rights with badly thought out proposals that will restict individual liberties for little or no benefit for the rest of society. Let us hope that the Government has miscalculated and that the early discussion of these proposals will unite the opposition against them.
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