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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Plaid in a panic?

Interesting letter in today's Western Mail from Labour AM and Deputy Minister, Huw Lewis. Written in his usual virulent style the letter picks up on the discussion within Plaid Cymru about how they are to move forward after the setbacks they suffered on 5th May.

Huw alleges that the views of Cynog Dafis sets out the political bankruptcy of Plaid Cymru more clearly than ever. He says "It seems that the 'choice' facing the Nationalists consists of either getting into bed with the Tories (Cynog's preferred option - and no surprise there, given his right wing credentials) or cobbling together some kind of (Adam Price style) wooing of the Lib Dems."

He goes on, "We may well be witnessing the death throes of Plaid. The idea that a party can bypass the electorate, flipping between left wing and right wing programmes for the purposes of political expediency, while Sellotaping together a coalition of all the other losing parties, is an idea born of panic."

I wonder whether he has mentioned these views to Tony Blair and Rhodri Morgan, especially in the light of speculation that the First Minister may be seeking to cobble together a coalition of his own.

Huw ends by referring to Plaid as the "quislings of the 'left'" for being prepared to abandon the left's traditional hatred of the Tories and betray the people of Wales by cuddling up to Michael Howard. I will be blogging again on Huw Lewis when yesterday's record of proceedings are published.
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