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Saturday, May 28, 2005

"I don't care what the weatherman says if..."

According to the Times the BBC is bowing to complaints over its £1 million new weather forecast. Viewers will see more of the North of England and Scotland in a “change of perspective” after they said that the South of England had been given too much prominence. The aerial view will be “straightened” to give the impression of equal representation to points north of Birmingham.

This is a start but there are other issues that need sorting out as well. One of these is the way that they portray South Wales. Cardiff has been emblazoned across the whole of South Wales, obscuring any other towns or cities. There is a concern that this portrayal of South Wales as Greater Cardiff will impact on efforts to bring more jobs and prosperity to our area. No other UK city would put up with this.

I have written to the BBC so we will see how they respond.
You shouldn't really worry too much about cardiff being placed across the entire of south wales it would be better if they described the weather in wales in more than a "this is the weather we're having tonight" tone of voice. you watch the weather tonight and see how they report the weather in wales compared to northern ireland and see the difference in emphasis, to england were just a weather breaker.
Just to annoy myself even more I subscribe to the BBC complaints responses RSS feed :


Their initial imperious response to complaints about the new weather interface was:

'We know it will take a little time for people to get used to the new system, but we feel it will give the extra clarity'

their position moved to:

'we have been closely looking at the comments and complaints'

and the latest is:

'BBC will alter its new TV weather forecasts and introduce a change to the perspective of its new 3D weather map'

Which is warmer: dark brown or light brown? The flyover is distracting. And the original perspective seemed to derive from satellite views from somewhere over Libya but as long as the South-East looked big, that's fine.
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