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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogging will be light....

I got home last night just in time to see Liverpool's third goal hit the back of the net. The remaining spectacle was both absorbing and very satisfying but somehow I felt as if I had missed all the real drama. This was entertainment par excellence and credit must go to the Liverpool team for the character they showed in fighting back like that. Congratulations too!

I now find myself in the Assembly a few minutes before chairing an Education and Lifelong Learning Committee, after which I am dashing off to Cardiff Wales Airport to catch a flight to the continent. I am spending the next few days in Brussels talking to Eurocrats about European funding so unless I can access a computer, blogging will be very light.
is it just the way im reading your post. or are you blogging from inside the assembly chamber? bon voyage by the way.
No the Assembly chamber machines are very limited and as yet do not afford internet access. I was blogging from inside the Assembly building.
i almost got excited then.
No wi-fi within the chamber? Why on earth not? Good grief, how do distract yourself from those tedious wrangles if you can't get onto the web?
The ICT in the new chamber is allegedly going to be better but I am awaiting details.
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