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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being an effective MP

First day back yesterday in Plenary after the General Election and only one of our new dual mandate AMs showed up. Peter Law arrived near the end to take part in the debate on exclusion zones around opencast sites but there was no sign of Tory Monmouth MP, David Davies, even though the motion was relevant to his constituency. We were told that he was attending an induction session on "how to be an effective Tory MP". Ideas on a postcard please!
Peter isn't the most effective thing to do as a Tory MP is make way for a Lib Dems one?
It depends if the Liberal Democrat MP is waiting for the experts to decide on Nuclear Power
Liberal Democrats members will decide on policy issues on nuclear power. We do not need the green party to make our decisions for us much as they would like to smear us on the basis of rumour and innuendo.
Martyn I believe you are puting words into my mounth, I didn't say I wait for the experts to decide but listen to what they have to say and make a decision based on that rather then listen to the ranting of a lunitic trying to scaremonger. And peter is quite right we shouldn't listen to the green party when making decisions because we need policies that are workable
Like supporting congestion charges in your policy document and then voting against them in Edinburgh and campaigning against incineration in Hull and supporting it in Sheffield-I can see why your policy is so esoteric.Not much rumour and innuendo there........
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