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Sunday, May 22, 2005


I have followed the example of Edis Bevan and put the Babelfish translation tool onto this site. You can now read my musings in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. As if the English was not bad enough! You should also be able translate the links.

Alas, Welsh is not an option, which is a shame as there are some Welsh language sites which I would like to read on a regular basis.
Not bad. Eight fewer languages than the Scottish parliament website:


but four more languages than the Welsh Assembly website.

I suppose the Assembly bothers with only English and Welsh because handling Welsh is such a contentious issue that nobody's bothered thinking more widely. As long as the Welsh is sorted, the language problem's fixed. Or perhaps no-one thinks people outside Wales would like to read the Assembly's site.

I'd like to read Morfablog but can't.
Yes, Morfablog was the one I was thinking of too.
...and yet you still cant get the opinions of an welsh assembly member in welsh!
oy Taffia don

dw'i wedi blogio yn Gymraeg
Being able to read Morfablog is a good enough reason initself to learn Welsh! Do you take up the opportunity to learn Welsh at the Assembly Peter? I hear a few AM's who've learned Welsh speaking on Radio Cymru and am very impressed, there must be good tutors down there.
I have actually started Welsh lessons on three separate occasions and have got nowhere. I am not particularly good at languages.
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