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Saturday, May 14, 2005

An acronym too far

In the Western Mail this morning Kirsty Buchanan tells us:

The eminently sensible Alan Johnson has put his foot down on Downing Street's proposed re-branding of the Department of Trade and Industry.

This is not just about the unnecessary expense, but also because the proposed new name has already become a titter-fest for the sort of grown men who still find rude words funny.

You see the Department of Productivity, Energy and Industry could - at a real stretch - be reduced to the acronym "penis".

I have to admit that I had completely missed this rather obscure acronym. I really must get out more.
I think Alan Johnson must've been concerned that he would be PENIS: Productivity, ENergy and Industry Secretary.
But would he have been able to match the Prime Minister's boast of five times a night
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