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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Who runs Wales? (a reprise)

Ieuan Wyn Jones yesterday challenged the First Minister to say who was running the Welsh Health Service:

"We have now heard that it is Peter Hain who is in charge of the health service in Wales. Who's in charge, is it Hain or is it Morgan?"

His cry has been taken up by the Western Mail this morning, or was it Ieuan echoing that papers own stories:

Mr Morgan hit back, saying none of Mr Jones's claims was true.

"The number of times I have told you, don't believe everything you read in the Western Mail," he said.

"I often wonder who runs Plaid Cymru health policy, is it Ieuan Wyn Jones or is it the Western Mail? And I strongly suspect, from the evidence of all the questions you have asked, it's obvious it's the Western Mail.

"You're a sandwich-board man hoping to sell papers, unsuccessfully, I rather fear."

To be honest I am getting rather bored of these process issues. It is important that devolution is allowed to run its course and that the Assembly makes the decisions on relevant matters. However, on this issue, can we just stop arguing about who said what and get on with fixing the problem, please?
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