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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tory party becomes a lawyer's paradise

Whilst Howard Flight resorts to his lawyers so as to try and block Michael Howard's attempt to ditch him, news comes through that Conservative Central Office is now also on a collision course with the local party in Slough as it seeks to ditch the town's second Tory PPC in less than three months. The BBC reports tonight that:

Mr Howard has suspended Slough's constituency Conservative association for refusing to deselect its candidate.

Adrian Hilton had suggested the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, under John Major's government, was an act of treason.

Slough Conservative Association has now been placed on "support status" and is being run from Conservative campaign headquarters, says a senior party spokesman.

Mr Hilton on Tuesday said he was considering taking legal action.

It is worth recalling of course that Mr. Hilton's predecessor as PPC was also removed after intervention from Central Office. Robert Oulds was dismissed earlier this year after he was pictured on the internet with a range of guns, rifles and a hunting knife. I do not know whether Mr Oulds is still a Councillor in Chiswick but I note that he too reacted to his sacking by consuting lawyers.

Mr. Howard may not agree with Sir John Betjeman's views on Slough but he is certainly doing a good job of bringing friendly bombs down upon his own electoral prospects.
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