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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Rather scarily this blog has been shortlisted in the Guardian Backbencher's Political Awards. Competition is stiff and includes fellow Liberal Democrats, Sandra Gidley and Lynne Featherstone. Voting ends midnight on Monday 4th April.
There's a problem. See here
i pointed out to Leighton that his own poll was hackable and pointed out that he'd done nothing about a famous Welsh poll that had been rigged.

He removed three of my comments from his blog.

Can't wait until his report on politics and blogging is made public.
'David' hacked my weblog poll. He also made allegations which are potentially actionable. I have therefore removed his comments from my weblog.
Well, I've had silly threats of legal action before whenever I've pointed out what really happened and nothing's come of it.

I suppose Leighton's not a lawyer as well so I'd welcome him to contact me privately and tell me which of my comments are 'potentially actionable'.

Fact of the matter is, the poll was rigged, the evidence - which Leighton asked for - is in a database on a server to which I don't have access. The lack of effective investigation maks me think the current administration shouldn't be trusted with money.

I 'hacked' Leighton's poll (in fact, simply turned off cookies in my browser) because he claimed it couldn't be done. He seems to think you need to be an IT specialist to turn off cookies in Firefox.

I'd post this on Leighton's own site but he's been removing completely innocent comments too. Leighton - if you read this - feel free to blog on AssemblyOnline, anytime. You registered a while back but haven't posted anything yet. And my name isn't 'David' in quotes. That's my real name.
I never claimed my poll couldn't be hacked. I simply said it was better organised than the Guardian's at preventing people voting again and again. Which it was.

It is precisely because I am not a lawyer that I will remove anything that seems to me to be potentially defamatory.
It's straightforward. In the context of The Guardian's poll permitting multiple voting, Leighton wrote:

Surely the Guardian could have used some software that filters out previous voters? Even the poll here on my blog does that

So I went and voted multiple times on Leighton's poll - and I told him about it. All I did was turn off accepting cookies.
Yes, and my point was that the Guardian poll doesn't even do what my polling software did. I haven't turned off any cookies. Anyway, I emailed the Guardian this morning so let's hope they've sorted it.
A little learning, Leighton, is a dangerous thing.

I think The Guardian's poll is operating in just the same way your poll was but that either your browser isn't accepting cookies from the website or your server / network people have stopped them further upline.

Presumably you're blogging during your paid-for work time at the Assembly? So your connection to the outside world via the wales.gov servers might be blocking cookies from The Guardian?

I'm sure the Guardian will respond quickly to your email

You've been nominated in The Staggers New Media Awards too.

More competition there, though.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just to let Leighton know: The Guardian poll is contolled by a cookie. The cookie is called 'guballot' for the host 'politics.guardian.co.uk' and if you delete it you can vote again.

Exactly the same as Leighton's poll, then.
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