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Monday, March 21, 2005

Rhodri Who?

It comes to something when the Guardian runs a story on its front page about the First Minister being mistaken for a tree. I suppose it underlines the fact that Wales is back in the news.

The Western Mail, of course, used to run a series of political cartoons in which Rhodri Morgan's then untamed mane was portrayed as a tree growing out of his head. Once the spin doctors got to him and he had his hair cut in preparation for his bid for greater things the cartoonist snipped off the foliage and the future First Minister was henceforth drawn with just a tree stump protruding from his head.

Maybe the make-up artist was thinking of those cartoons when she suggested that Mr. Morgan wear green make-up.

Posted by Hello
Won't he look more like a piece of brocolli then a tree
Well, at least Wales is back in the news. All publicity is good publicity...
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