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Friday, March 18, 2005

No Respect

Those people looking to George Galloway's Party "Respect" to bring some left wing respectability back into politics may be a little disappointed. It seems that when it comes to those pivotal moments of Parliamentary history, when politicians are called upon to stand up and be counted, Respect's sole MP was late.

Not only did George Galloway fail to turn up to the close committee stage vote on the Anti Terrorism Act but he also missed the all-night sitting on Thursday night too, deigning only to turn up for the 4.30pm Friday votes. Does not do to miss one's beauty sleep does it George?

By contrast 52 of the 55 Liberal Democrat MPs were present throughout night, and the other three were paired with Labour loyalists. We also had what our Lords' Whips Office think was our highest ever turnout of Peers for votes on the Bill.

Oh, and where were the four Plaid Cymru MPs whilst this drama was unfolding?
Peter was this before or after Adam Price was suspended....and before or after Elfy got back from Iraq?

Good to see the lib dems turned up though.....they dont always do they?
It was before Adam Price was suspended and as I understand it Elfyn Llwydd went to Iraq on the Friday during the debate (which had started the previous day).

The Liberal Democrats do normally turn-up. It should be noted that on the previous vote (on an amendment not on the Bill itself) in which the Government had a majority of 14 and in which 17 Lib Dems were absent, two were ill and two were unofficially paired. There were also 24 Tories missing from that debate. The amendment concerned was subsequently incorporated in the Bill by the Lords.

The Lib Dems learned from their mistake on the second vote and imposed a three line whip. My point was that despite what had happened previously and despite the fact that this was crunch time PLaid Cymru did not do the same.
Cheers Peter I accept your point...

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there is a lib dem one there as well!

Mark Jones
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