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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Major Major and Catch 22

In his wonderful novel, Catch 22, Joseph Heller created a character called Major Major -

'absurdly named by his joking father, is promoted to the rank of major by an IBM computer glitch. All Major Major desires is acceptance and companionship, yet he is continually ostracized in cadet school. He is excluded from squadron basketball games, and disliked by fellow officers due to his speedy promotion and his resemblance to actor Henry Fonda. Promoted prematurely to squadron commander, Major Major Major has no idea what he is expected to do. Bored and depressed, he begins signing "Washington Irving" on official documents after two strange C.I.D. men question him regarding the forging incidents at the hospital. Major Major Major becomes reclusive and instructs his assistant, Sergeant Towser, to admit visitors only when Major Major is out of his office. Major Major no longer takes meals in the mess hall and he jumps out the window of his tent to avoid his office workers and visitors.'

Is this what it is like to be Welsh Conservative candidate?
And Michael Howard as Lieutenant Scheisskopf,the commander of Yoassarian, Nately, Clevinger and co in training, who couldn't get the men to march together and who contemplated fixing them to a piece of wood with castors in their backs so they could turn as one...
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