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Friday, March 11, 2005

Love's young dream?

The following is an extract from this week's Guardian Backbencher:


Little did the Backbencher realise when she started celebrating the best in political hotties that she would be bringing love into the hearts of lonely Liberal Democrats. But it seems she is not alone in finding
Jeremy Purvis rather dreamy. Francesca Montemaggi, for one, agrees, having had her employer, Welsh assembly member Peter Black, point out that he is the "man of her dreams". She even refutes the Backbencher's suggestion that Mr Purvis's passion for fiscal federalism is a bit of a turnoff. "That's what makes him attractive," she writes on her weblog, Paswonky.

"Jeremy is young, good-looking and into numbers. A trip to Scotland is badly needed :)" Get on that plane, Francesca - but let the Backbencher know how it goes.

All I did was point out their mutual interest in fiscal federalism. What have I started?
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