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Saturday, March 12, 2005

"Do not touch with a barge pole"

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Conference spent the day discussing proposals for our General Election manifesto. The media however seemed more interested in talks of a coalition between the three opposition parties. I did four TV interviews in which I put across my view that the philosophical differences between the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the Tories were just too great to make any partnership involving the two parties sustainable at a national level.

The Tories are the party who over a period of 18 years wrecked the Welsh economy, health service and education system. They had no compunction in 2003 of playing the race card a week out from the Assembly elections. Even now, they do not understand devolution and want to dismantle the National Assembly.

If such a proposal came forward I would argue against it within my group and within my party. It seems that I am not alone. The Welsh Party President made clear his opposition in his speech. Such an arrangement should not be touched with a barge pole, he said.
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