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Friday, March 11, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

A busy weekend ahead as the Welsh Liberal Democrats stage their spring conference in Cardiff. To add to the strain I have decided to commute rather than stay over for two nights. Blogging will therefore be light, though I am not expecting it to dry up.

The talking point already, ten and a half hours before proceedings commence, is whether Charles Kennedy will make it in time for the rally and his earlier visit to Aberystwyth. It is possible that he will still be tied up in the ping-pong voting saga around the Anti-Terrorism Bill. I am also told that there may well be an unscheduled fringe meeting to discuss how the Welsh Liberal Democrats should react to Nick Bourne's call for a grand coalition of the opposition parties. We will see whether that meeting materialises or not.

Another topic of conversation may well be Welsh Party Leader, Lembit Opik, and his early day motion in the House of Commons applauding "the winner of the award for weather presenter of the year". Now who could that have been?
Don't you commute to Cardiff three times a week anyway Peter? Thought you'd be used to it by now (not that you can afford to be).

Welsh Labour are holding their conference in Swansea next weekend. We realise there's more to South Wales than the capital city.
Yes, we were in Swansea the last time we were in South Wales. We chose Cardiff Central this time of course on account of the fact that we are going to win it in the General Election!
So am I right in thinking you've conceded defeat everywhere else? Including Swansea?
No, I think we are going to do well in a number of areas around Wales, including Swansea. It is just I am more certain about Cardiff Central.
To say you are "certain" to win in Cardiff Central is arrogance of the highest order!

The people of Cardiff Central will decide who will be their MP after the General Election, I believe and hope it will be Jon Owen Jones, but nothing is a certainty.

As someone whop doesn't live in the city, it strikes me as ignorant prejudging the view of the electorate.
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