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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

BNP platform

The Green Party in Swansea have announced that they will not share a platform with any BNP candidate who stands in the City in the General Election. I fully understand their reasons and their revulsion. However, if we do not confront the misinformed and prejudiced arguments put forward by this party head-on then they will win by default. In a democratic process we cannot rely on people to automatically share our point of view. We have to win the argument.
Dear Peter

I think you have missed the point here.
The BNP should not be treated as a legitimate political party because if they did achieve power they would remove the democratic rights of others.

By debating them over their policies you will be legitimising them in the eyes of the public.

This is why the Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Labour Party are refusing to share a platform with them in the forthcoming election.

All that should be said about the BNP is that they are fascists. We should not give them the opportunity to masquerade as normal politicians.

I do hope you reconsider this.

Martin Swansea UAF
No, I have not missed the point. I fully understand the argument you are making and believe that it is a legitimate one.

My point is that the BNP have some significant support in a number of communities based upon either ignorance of the facts or on those people being subjected to some very insidious propaganda over the years (mostly from the press). For these people the BNP act as an anti-establishment alternative who will combat the injustice they perceive in the asylum system and elsewhere.

Boycotting the BNP and refusing to engage with their arguments reinforces that image in the minds of their supporters. The only way to combat the BNP is to dismantle their case with the facts (in direct debate if necessary) and expose the fallacies on which they are based.
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