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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back of an envelope bonfire

Critics have often alleged that the First Minister devises his policies on the back of an envelope and in terms of the costing and implementation of the Labour Party's Assembly manifesto that is how it often appears. It came as no surprise therefore, to learn this morning that when Rhodri Morgan announced his own bonfire of the quangos last summer, he had no idea of the cost.

Describing the changes as 'major reforms', Mr Morgan said, 'The landscape of the public sector will be fundamentally changed ... The people of Wales will be able to see that quango-land is starting to come to an end.' He added, 'It will enable us to merge back office functions, IT systems and procurement and get improved value for money.'

The problem is that although his instincts may have told Rhodri that this was the case the work had not yet been done to say with any certainty that he was right. It is doubtful that even today, the full cost of the merger of the WDA, ELWa and the Wales Tourist Board into the Assembly Government is known. So much for evidence-based government.
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