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Friday, February 11, 2005

A tale of two weddings

A thought that struck me this morning as I skipped past page after page of newspaper coverage of the forthcoming royal wedding, was that if we had had the same attitude towards a divorcee partnering the monarch in 1936 as we do now, then history would have been very different. It is likely that Charles would not now be heir to the throne, he might have married Camilla the first time around and Diana may still be alive.

In an effort to upstage the royal couple (or was it the other way around), Lembit and Sian revealed their wedding plans on the same day. Apparently, they will be tying the knot on October 5th in Powis Castle. The Western Mail carries full details but alas, I cannot find a link.

The two points of interest include the fact that Mari Thomas from Llanelli, a National Eisteddfod gold medal winner, will create the wedding bands and Sian's accessories. Sian will inscribe words in Estonian for Lembit's ring and he will inscribe similar words in Welsh for her's.

A love song, Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn will be sung at the wedding by a friend of Sian. I am told that this choice of song is interesting as it is about unrequited love and death. I am sure that it is a very beautiful and haunting ballad though. Meanwhile, spare a thought for poor Charlotte Church. She has split up with her live-in boyfriend and moved back in with her mam.
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