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Monday, February 21, 2005


I am sorry that I cannot find an on-line link to this as it illustrates perfectly the hazards one faces in following the party line. I have already blogged on the so-called "noddy file", a Labour campaign guide for their candidates containing template press releases, letters, telephone scripts and other materials. At the time I commented that it was standard fare for most mainstream political parties including the Conservatives. However, the key to success is to use it effectively.

One Labour candidate who may require training in how to use such material is Sue Hayman, who is fighting Preseli Pembrokeshire. When she posted a letter to voters in her prospective constituency she forgot to fill in the blanks properly. She wrote to tell the good people of Pembrokeshire about Tory plans to cut £35m from public services and suggested that they think about "what they would mean here in Clwyd West". She put a contact address on the leaflet that was situated in the North East of England and she printed it in Surrey.

Basic errors in literature are easy to make and sometimes they can draw attention to the content and make it more interesting. In this case, I suspect that Ms. Hayman wishes she had employed the services of a good proof-reader.
Will you admit that the Lib Dems are the worst offenders when it comes into "fill in the blanks" campaigning.
libdemwatch.co.uk - has numerous examples of almost identical leaflets claiming to champion "local issues" put out across the UK.
Actually, I think it is fairly evenly spread around all the parties. As for Libdemwatch, they make up most of it!
The comment that Ms Hayman should have "employed a good proof-reader" has certain amount of irony when you consider her occupation before taking up politics. Can anyone guess?
It was freelance proof-reader.
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