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Friday, February 18, 2005

Not so smart

I don't know, I come home after a long hard slog exploring smoke-free Ireland only to find that the world as we know it is changing for good. It seems that Nestlé is to replace the traditional cardboard tube that holds smarties with a new-look hexagonal tube complete with a re-sealable flip-top lid on which the familiar lettering on the lid is to be replaced by constantly updated, quirky messages, stickers or images inside each tube. Is nothing sacred?
And did the taste of kitkat change when they changed the wrapper?

Mais ou sont les spangles d'antan?
Cannot remember which came first - orange kitkats or the new wrapper!
Will they still have the letters on the back of the lid, thats how I learnt the alphabet. What can I now use to make rafts? this news has broken me
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