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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hunting and opportunists

This item says more about the opportunism of the BNP than it does about fox hunting, so if your idea of a good time is to spend a Saturday watching a pack of dogs rip apart a defenceless creature from atop a horse, please do not think I am pointing the finger at you. Nevertheless it appears that the BNP have jumped onto the Countryside Alliance bandwagon in the name of defending the "British way of life".

The Observer reports today that, "During a hunting demonstration outside the Labour party spring conference nine days ago, far-right activists handed out literature talking about halting the 'assault on rural Britain'. The leaflets referred to a pro-country lobbying group called Land and People, which is the rural affairs circle of the BNP. They read: 'The preservation of our natural environment is a fundamental principle of British nationalism.'"

Clearly some very loose definitions are being used with regards to "natural environment" and "fundamental principle".
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