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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hello Magazine strike again

The Observer reports that Lembit Opik and Sian Lloyd are to appear in another photo spread for Hello magazine. The last time this happened was shortly before a Bridgend Liberal Democrat Dinner at which Lembit was the guest speaker and Sian, his escort. Accordingly I bought two copies and got the couple to autograph them. I then managed to auction off one of the copies for £30.

Unfortunately, my attempt to replicate this feat a few months later at a Welsh Liberal Democrat dinner fell flat and I struggled to get to the winning bid of £1.50. Even then the successful bidder failed to pay up.

If Lembit and Sian are to make a habit of this photoshoot thing then I suspect that even the party faithful will consider the published outcome to be devalued. This will leave me with having to think of some other fundraising ideas. Perhaps I could auction off pieces of meteorite.
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