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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Five more years?

The Western Mail commemorates the fifth anniversary of Rhodri Morgan taking over as First Minister with a fairly cursory look at his record. They have listed 21 performance indicators adopted by his Government and measured the progress made against each. About half of the targets have been missed.

I think the key point I would like to make about Rhodri's reign is that the real period of activity and accomplishment came during the Partnership Government with the Welsh Liberal Democrats. It is only now, as the end of the second year of a Labour-only Government approaches, that they are beginning to pick up the pace again and start to make some impact.

As I read the article I also recalled one of the Freedom of Information requests that I did not report in my previous post. Apparently, a request has been submitted for a copy of Alun Michael's resignation letter. When this was reported to the House Committee last week officials were still looking for it.

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