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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A duty to enforce the law

The Observer reports this morning that Britain's most senior police officers have raised grave concerns that the imminent hunting ban is unenforcable, will erode morale, and could precipitate large-scale civil unrest. Well what is new?

Any law can become difficult to enforce in the face of mass disobedience and those who support hunting are counting on that fact to try and force a rethink from the Government. However, I believe that they will be gravely disappointed. Whatever their reservations the Police have a duty to enforce the law. Even if the Police are unable to catch everybody, those who are found to be in breach of the new legislation must be prosecuted and the courts must ensure that the penalties imposed on them are sufficient to deter others.

It may take some time to sink in, but I believe that, in due course, those defying the law by hunting with dogs will become the exception rather than the norm. To achieve that the law enforcement agencies need to play their part.
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