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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Rhodri Morgan was on form yesterday with a barrage of puns (well OK, two) but for somebody who stayed behind whilst others whooped it up in France at the launch of the Airbus superjumbo, he was in a remarkably good mood to start off with. First up was binge drinking:

The First Minister: That is part of the binge-drinking culture: it used to be fish and chips, now, more often, it will be kebabs and curries after chucking-out time. Chucking-out time can be succeeded by chucking-up time an hour and a half later, unfortunately, and that leads to further problems for local authorities the following morning. It can be quite disgusting, and it is not unknown in areas of high student occupation.

Chucking-up time may well be a new concept in licensing law but not, alas, in licensing lore. Rhodri then moved onto the subject of Wales Tourist Board and its marketing campaign to attract tourists here:

Likewise, the Wales Tourist Board ran a successful advertising campaign. The important point in bringing the Wales Tourist Board in-house—and this is the point with which I agree—is that it should maintain its ability to produce advertisements which are funny, occasionally self-mocking and cutting edge. Therefore, it must be a little daring and risky, not risqué, and willing to take risks in terms of marketing. If risks were not taken, the advertisements would be ignored.

There was some discussion as to which Minister will take responsibility for the risqué when the Wales Tourist Board is merged into the Assembly Government but in the end we decided not to go there.

Peter, are you angling for a job in the forthcoming Government of National Unity?

I may setup a fantasy government site and encourage you lot to post virtual press releases, policy statements and spending proposals

Wouldn't that be fun.
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