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Friday, January 07, 2005

Rolling Stone gathers moss

The views of Nick Bourne on a grand coalition reported here yesterday appear to be assuming a life of their own. Plaid Cymru's Deputy Leader, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, this morning was in one of those 'rule nothing in, rule nothing out' moods: "Until now my views about the idea of a grand coalition have been quite negative, although I think Nick's views deserve very serious consideration."

His former boss, Dafydd Wigley, used the luxury of speaking from the sidelines to be even more forthright: "There comes a point when those of us who believe Labour is running Wales badly have to decide whether to let them carry on or whether we should talk about cooperating with each other to offer something better."

Well yes, but what does all this talk add up to? At the moment it is a space filler until the real politics starts next week. I remain a sceptic.

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