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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Out of step

The Western Mail reports that the Labour MP for the Vale of Glamorgan inadvertently sent a letter soliciting support to the Barry-based Conservative AM, David Melding. The letter asked the Tory Health Committee Chair what "made him proud", talked of "a government with priorities that match yours" and suggested that Mr. Melding reflect on what happened under the last Conservative government.

When confronted with the gaffe a Labour spokeswoman joked that Mr Melding, a keen supporter of more powers for the Assembly, was often out of step with his own party. "He doesn't agree with the rest of the party on many issues. It's always worth asking," she said.

Never a truer word has been spoken in jest. On the other hand less charitable interpretations could be that Labour were seeking to recruit yet more Tory Parliamentarians or even that when they said that the Labour government's priorities matched those of a leading Welsh Conservative, they were being serious!

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