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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The only publicity seeker in the village

I almost forgot, what exactly was Elin Jones going on about yesterday? She stood up in the middle of questions to the Local Government Minister and launched into a long rambling question about the village of Llanddewi Brefi in her constituency. This is one of the few occasions that I have known her speak in English and it soon became apparent that the reason for this was that it would maximise the publicity she would get for knowing a few popular catch phrases. Her strategy worked perfectly:

Elin Jones: I do not know whether you have ever been to Llanddewibrefi, in my constituency, but it has received a degree of notoriety in recent years because of the character of Dafydd, the only gay in the village. The three Llanddewibrefi village signs were stolen before Christmas, and Dafydd’s phrase, that he is the only gay in the village, has been voted the best-ever catchphrase, which will only serve to increase the village’s notoriety. What support can you give to the community council in Llanddewibrefi in dealing with such international publicity, and in possibly having to face continually replacing its village signs?

Sue Essex: I am sure that you will agree that notoriety has its downsides and this appears to be one of them. I hope that Llanddewibrefi can gain from that notoriety without worrying too much about the downside. I would be happy to accompany you at any time to search for the signs or to do anything else that you might want to do in that delightful community.

I think she should advise Dafydd to leave Llanddewi Brefi immediately and move to Cardiff where he could make his fortune working for one the many "minority rights" groups sponsored by the Welsh Assembly!
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