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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Most flattering comment of the month?

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the Conservative Assembly Member for North Wales, Mark Isherwood, indulged his love of the English language:

It is because we all want to improve skill levels and help more people into quality jobs and sustainable employment, and because we must work with employers, employees and learners to provide the skills needed for employment, that we note the results of the first skills and employment action plan with regret, but not surprise. For this is a Minister who bestrides the stage like a female Flashman or a Roald Dahl headteacher, crushing dissent beneath her. This is a Minister for whom ‘collaboration not competition’, means that she knows best and woe betide anyone who questions her vision or delivery.

William Shakespeare he is not, as was illustrated when he was given the opportunity to conclude his speech with one sentence:

Mark Isherwood: The danger is that this Minister will continue to talk that talk not walk the walk or, in her case, should we say: strut the strut or swagger the swagger.

I left the chamber suffering from severe drama-overload.

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