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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blogging for Wales

The media in Wales is at last starting to wake up to the new generation of political bloggers and the potential this medium offers for informing and interacting with voters. This piece on the BBC Wales website discusses the new Welsh phenomenon in some detail. I don't think that we have reached the same level as the Americans though.

"It's something I enjoy doing tremendously. I find I'm getting about 70-100 hits a day and I'm getting one or two comments [posted on the site] now and again," he (Peter Black AM) told the BBC Wales News website.

Actually Peter, you're average less than half of that many hits a day.

And your commenys are very rare, and mainly from people like me.
Well remembering I said hits and not unique users I have had 979 this month so far which averages out at 75 a day and that includes New Year. And I did say one or two comments now and again. That covers you I think.
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