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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Welsh CHAVS?

Following my short posting on the etymology of slang word CHAV earlier this month, the Western Mail draws our attention to this website seeking to identify CHAV-hotspots around the UK. It seems that Wales has come out as a nation of chavs and "chav-nots" on this web site dedicated to rooting out members of the baseball-capped, shellsuit-wearing underclass - but the we are left trailing by the "chaviest" towns in England.

The Western Mail reports: "The former mining and rugby powerhouse of Neath is described as being peopled by "scrawny, pasty, hooded and Burberry- capped scrotes trawling the streets. It's like the lost world."

In Rhyl, "Townies mainly flock on a Saturday night. They are characterised by driving up and down Rhyl Prom in a clapped out Vauxhall Nova. This Nova will no doubt have a big stupid exhaust, a big 'sub' that will deaden any occupants of the Nova, and/or a purple light underneath it."

And Caerphilly earns the unflattering epithet "Caerfilthy" on the site, with descriptions of "collections of prams (not seen one with Lexus lights yet but it's only a matter of time) gathering outside Argos where 15-year-old mothers compare earrings - the most attractive pair seen yet were giant gold hoops with "Laura" emblazoned across them."

Having looked though the site I noticed that there were no Welsh Towns in the top 10. Then again the site seems to have been set up just to slag off various places. I did not recognise this description of Swansea for example. Still, it is all a bit of fun, I suppose.

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