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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

No mobile phones here

I have been waiting all day before posting this in the hope that one of the new Wales Tourist Board posters becomes available in electronic form to either link to or post on this blog. Alas it does not appear to be the case. However, there is no doubt that this extension of the 'Big Country' theme is both imaginative and bold.

As the Western Mail says: 'A little more subversive than we have come to expect from the WTB's successful but straightforward Big Country ads, the campaign aims to have fun and play with stereotypes, turn positives and negatives on their head and say it like it really is.' The article then goes on to describe my favourite poster:

'One of the best examples of this attitude is demonstrated in perhaps the most striking of four posters - a glorious picturesque view of Snowdonia. Under the headline "Area of outstandingly bad mobile reception", it becomes apparent that the WTB knows that cell phones are not always working when they should be.' The advert goes on: 'Travellers riding up the Snowdonia mountain railway may experience communication problems. Your boss can't reach you. Even dogged telesales reps struggle. Damn those impenetrable mountain passes. Damn them."

All we need now is a bit of joined up thinking. Perhaps the WTB can send this poster to British Telecom, who are proposing to remove thousands of telephone kiosks from these sort of rural areas all around Wales and who have clearly missed the point.

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