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Thursday, December 30, 2004


I don't mind long car journeys providing that I am doing the driving and I have a good selection of rock music to keep me going. The three and a half hour journey from the Wirral back to Swansea this morning was therefore quite bearable. I had the opportunity to listen to the CDs that my wife and I had got from my family for Christmas, whilst enjoying the very pleasant Welsh countryside. The gem amongst this collection turned out to be the new album by Liverpool band, The Zutons.

The highlight of the journey was, as ever, the small village somewhere between Newtown and Llandrindod Wells whose name I can never remember. It is on the A483 and signposts itself very firmly from both directions as "UK Village of the Year 1998". Presumably, nobody ever thought that by leaving this up six years later the sign would engender questions such as "who won in the subsequent years?" and "what happened to them since?" I know that I am being unkind but these things have just got to be asked.

The downside of being away for four days from Boxing Day is that on one's return there is an awful lot of food remaining in the fridge to be consumed quickly. The upside is that the act of eating the left-over meat enables us to quickly make peace with the cat and compensate it for being left in the hands of a neighbour for so long.

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