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Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Christmas Carol

It may be that it is getting closer to Christmas and that I have not started my present shopping yet, but the political climate is starting to get more and more surreal.

The Observer this morning is full of details about the modern day Mellors getting his comeuppance from Lady Chatterley. If D.H. Lawrence had been even remotely party political, he could have written the downfall of David Blunkett, working class victim of rich mistress, in far more convincing prose, but I doubt that even he would have envisaged 'the working class lad who is the voice of ordinary people' using the mass media to paint himself as a victim of a conspiracy by the great and the good.

It seems from Blunkett's account that Kimberley Quinn is a women of great personal charisma with the ability to charm the independent investigator into believing her account of events. Perhaps we should wait for the report before drawing any such conclusions and give more credit to the integrity of Alan Budd. Whatever the outcome, it seems that those concerned for the emotional welfare of David Blunkett have good reason.

To cap it all 350 supporters of Fathers for Justice marched through central London yesterday carrying banners featuring a picture of the former Home Secretary in a Santa hat. It seems that this group have adopted Mr. Blunkett as their hero in recognition of his court battle for access to the two year old son of Kimberly Quinn. Is it any wonder that Mr. Blunkett is in despair?

All we need now is for Richard Attenborough to appear on New York's 34th Street dressed in a red coat and beard claiming his name is Chris Cringle and we will know that this is not real life after all but some strange nightmare from which we will soon awake.

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