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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Arise Sir Latent

A lot of blogs have picked up on the Mrs Windsor story in the last few days. My favourite is Councillor Bob Piper who expresses what many are thinking in clear and unambigous terms:

The Welsh Assembly is suspended because a Labour Member objected to the Queen being referred to as "Mrs Windsor". Love a bloody duck...how much further into the abyss will some of these people drag the Party of Hardie, Bevan and Benn. I'm at my wits end!

Meanwhile the Western Mail letters page this morning has further reaction to Leanne Wood's suspension from the Assembly Chamber on Wednesday. One reader writes in to say:

Perhaps Lord Elis-Thomas was worried that he wouldn't be welcome in Buck House to compare ermine robes if he didn't discipline his fellow Plaid MP.

Leanne is a courageous fighter for the people of Wales. Lord Elis-Thomas is a sad apologist for an old and dying feudal order that should have been scrapped centuries ago.

The irony is that they're both in the same party - what sort of party is that?

A second letter congratulates Leighton on his achievement in rather ironic tones:

Leighton Andrews is to be congratulated for his intervention against Leanne Wood, who had the courage to call the occupant of Buckingham Palace by her name, rather than by her title.

He achieved what many of us have been aiming at without success: he showed himself to be a sycophant, along with the majority of his colleagues on all sides of the Welsh Assembly; he gave Ms Wood a platform from which to debate a very serious issue that goes to the root of inequality in the United Kingdom; and he diverted attention away from a speech which aimed at nothing less than scare-mongering - George W Bush style - in the run up to the 2005 election.

Excellent work! He deserves a knighthood!

I am sure Leighton will just settle for a place on the front bench at the moment.

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